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Demolition Test 1

These should partly illustrate what I mean by battle damage.  The models will be broken into several pieces, including foundations, wall sections and roof.  Larger models may be broken into more pieces.  When a building takes damage, the game engine will detect from which direction damage was inflicted and when the damage threshhold is reached, remove the appropriate section.  This will continue until the building is rubble, as shown below.  I’ll be enhancing the models by putting chunks of the structure in and around the foundations and in the case of other buildings such as barracks, hangers or garages, you may find pieces of airplane or automobiles burried in the rubble.  Days and weeks after battles, the peoples will begin repair of these structures.  Speed at which repairs take place will depend on the amount of damage to a given area and the population of that area.  More people, faster repairs.




December 29, 2008 - Posted by | Model Rendering Tests

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