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Graphics Test – Ammo Depot

My DSL was out last night, apparently crossed with another user’s lines who was now using my connection.  Should be straightened out today.  I performed the first of several graphics tests, working with the Ammo Depot model from MechCommander 2.  I began by reskinning the original model with original textures.  I used Lightwave to convert the object to a 3ds file and found it shreaded.  Third, I rebuilt the object with Lightwave using original textures and finally, made all new textures for the model.  The results of each step are below, starting with a picture of the original object.




I learned later that before exporting a 3ds file from Lightwave, press Ctrl+u to break all polygons so that vertices are not shared between them.  This helps it to preserve the UV coordinates of each triangle.  When loading the object into Alternativa3D, a weldVertices function is used to rejoin the points.


December 29, 2008 - Posted by | Model Rendering Tests

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