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Cleaning up the coding process.

Over the last couple days, I’ve been working on compartmentalizing the Actionscript code, trying to shorten the body of the main application file so that I’m able to code at a decent speed instead of waiting for the interface to catch up with keystrokes.  Many of the things I’ve been working on as of late, aren’t going to be activated for the next couple weeks.  In my development version, I’ve relinked the helpdesk system and built the transitions for the forums.  I’m currently back to work on the Mech Lab, making use of the lower-right menu panel and eliminating a lot of label objects.  I can’t give a timeframe for it’s completion, but I found an invaluable method today, the ability to parse the MTF files used by MegaMek.  I will have the ability for people to import these units directly into the game, save them to the server, print record sheets or export them to PDF files.  I’ve seen record sheet generation before, but most examples are very rough text only copies.  Mine will be full graphic, looking almost exactly like the ones found in sourcebooks.  The import feature, in itself, will save hundreds of hours of labor.  I’m hoping to find ways to import files from other applications such as The Drawing Board and MechWorks, as well as performing OCR tasks from PDF documents.


December 31, 2008 - Posted by | Project Development

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