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  1. Any chance of being able to step back in the history of the game and have it visually show you the progression up to the current action?  Like it saves a 3d screenshot of the last actions performed so you can review it? Perhaps with trace lines and icons to show where it moved from in the previous turn, and what it did?
    1. Probably.  Since everything is server-based, I planned on recording all of the game data
      so that battles could be played back in realtime with animations.  I can also add a
      history bar for battles in progress so that players can step back through the rounds to
      see how things progressed.  Good idea.
  2. Is there any way to add a value to the mech itself that indicates  its height, and use some sort of subtractive method to determine  obscuration of the mech?  Say Atlass has a height of 3, and when  pathing the shot along the terrain, it sees 1 level of elevation  from a small building between the target and attacker, so it takes 3  from the mech height, minus 1 for the terrain, and figure the  modifiers based on the 2 left over?
    1. I seem to remember seeing a chart somewhere that talked about that kind of thing.  It might have been how to deal with things when the attacker and target are standing on different elevations.  It provided guidelines for determining the distance of the segment from attacker to obstruction, height of obstruction and distance from obstruction to target to determine if and by how much the obstruction truly obscures the view.  I’ll probably have to do something like that, based on the center of each hex.  Finding the height of each Mech isn’t difficult.  I can find it from Lightwave and record the number when it’s brought into the game.
  3. Is there presently a source of pewter Mechs now that Ral Partha has gone away?
    1. Yes.  Check out Iron Wind Metals Online.  At the time of this writing, they have 76 Aerotech models available, 33 aircraft, 393 BattleMechs plus numerous ProtoMechs, infantry, vehicles and boxed sets.  Individual BattleMech prices range from $7.75 up to $13.95.  Their models are very well done, and in some cases, include specific variants of models, which have never before been reproduced.

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