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Restructuring of the Instant Messaging system.

Lately, part of what I have been doing at work is organizing documents to help relay to our Windows support department, what Macintosh and our Creative employees use.  For Instant Messaging, we’ve used Adium for a number of years, allowing simultaneous connects across many different servers.  More recently, we began using Spark, a similar application with wider compatibility.  Today, I put together an array of screenshots and descriptions for the features of each application.  While not really visible to the public, the IM portion that I have running, is pretty crude.  I plan to rework it so that it’s more transparent to Battletech Live and to look and function a little more like Adium.  Due to tight space requirements, several functions will use color-coding for notifications, such as online status and read receipts.  Simple text chat will be brought online first, then multi-user communication, followed by chat rooms, file transfers, offline mail, voice chat, video conferencing and a skinnable file browser, a video and MP3 player.

The following screenshots can be used as examples:


February 2, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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