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Personalized Avatars now available.

I’ve gotten a few changes made so far this weekend.  In the messenger panel, I set it up so that as long as the page is up, the member set to active unless they specifically choose otherwise.  Previously, when the page loaded, it set the member to active, five minutes later it switched to idle and five minutes later it switched to offline.  In the end, each time the member navigates to a new panel, the system will register it as activity and update their online status.


Click to view full-size image.

On the members information page, the avatar selection panel is in a more usable configuration.  The page lists thumbnails of avatars, eighteen at a time, along with the title of the image, the user that uploaded it and when it was last updated.  Members now have the ability to change their avatar, which reflects in the Instant Messenger panel.  I will eventually have filters in place so that members can sort the avatars by a number of criteria such as male, female, cartoon and various keywords which will enable a search field.  Presently, I’m researching the Cover Flow system used in Mac OS X, hoping to enable it as another way to browse through the avatars.

Another planned feature is to allow image uploads.  Members will be able to upload any resolution image they want as long as it’s below 16MB.  After loading, the image can be scaled up to 192 x 192 if it’s smaller or if the image is larger, the member will be provided a viewport to resize and crop the image to the requisite 192 x 192 resolution.  Fields will provide for title and keywords.  I’m anticipating that I’ll eventually need to put an adult filter in place because I won’t have control over the images being uploaded and I don’t want the hassle of moderating them.  All members will have the ability to report images as inappropriate for general viewing, which will send me an email that the image needs to be reviewed.  If it should be an adult image, I can change it’s status or if it’s something dumb like someone trying to post advertisements, I can delete it outright.

February 7, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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