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Are you a Mac or a PC or a …

Most of us have seen them, commercials that promote Apple Macintosh PCs or promote Windows-based PCs.  It started off with Mac ads, campaigning against Windows Vista, describing how certain aspects work on the two and making the point that things work more smoothly on the Mac than they do on Windows.  Microsoft later tried to fire back with their own set of ads, from Seinfeld, to Mojave, to “I’m a PC”. Each ad is biased on the side of the company that produced it.  Myself, I use Macs, Windows XP and Ubuntu but won’t touch Vista.  Each operating systems has it’s uses and it’s necessity and should be used accordingly.

However, the commercial that really annoys me is “I’m a PC and I’m seven.”  It should read: “I’m a PC because I’m too young to know any better.”

It’s also interesting that Microsoft supports the “I’m a PC” ads when they don’t make computers.


March 18, 2009 - Posted by | Off Topic

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