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BTL Progress, March 22

Progress on the site has been slow over the last couple of days.  It’s been very nice outside so I’ve been spending time outdoors, cleaning the Jeep and doing yard work, ripping out saplings, raking up pine needles and getting rid of creeping vines.  My roommate also got a dog, so pulling out the notebook to do any sort of work has gotten a little interesting.  The work I have gotten in has been to work on three administrative panels in the email system.  The first one is a preferences panel which will include a list for setting up mail forwarding, a blocked users list and a time selection for purging deleted mail.  The second panel is a help panel, in which I’ll have questions and answers listed and a feature which allows users to post their own questions.  The third panel is the search panel which will be very simple.  Performing a search will search through all boxes, including public folders, and will return results which indicate whether the message was inbound or outbound.

Part of the process that makes it take so long to get a smoothly working system is the contstruction of “Transitions”.  Each view within the site is considered it’s own state.  Going from the email panel to the calendar has a from state and a to state.  With all of the possible views on the site, I’m currently up to 273.  That’s 273 lines where you tell it to perform one action of sliding these two panels out of the way.  When that action is done, perform a sequence of sliding this panel down, slide this panel over then fade the contents into view.  The benefit is that if a few dozen objects have to change from one state to the next, you just have to specify what the layout should look like in the individual states and call one action, saying currentState = “whatever” and the system takes care of the rest.  It just takes time to account for it all.

One other minor thing was changed.  When a user registers, they don’t automatically show up in the users list.  The user must first go to their email and confirm their account.  Makes more sense that way.  Another thing that I have to fix is that when you change your gamer picture, it doesn’t seem to actually take effect until you sign out and back in, so I’ve got to figure it out.  Second thing I want to figure out soon is login notifications.  For example, if you sign into the site on a desktop and walk away, but later log in on a notebook, the desktop should be notified that it has been logged out.


March 22, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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