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Blizzard warnings and activity bars.

It’s really cold outside right now and kind of nasty, so I haven’t been out.  These weather conditions should make for good coding, but I can’t get really motivated so I’ve been wandering around the house doing various things and coming back to the computer when I think of ways to work on the current targets.  We had some rain last night and the current temperature is 19.  We have a decent amout of snow coming down, but we have wind gusts up to 45 which makes it not so good to be out.  Our wind chill is listed as -7.

Last night, I worked on adding an activity bar to the bottom of the application so that users know when tasks are being performed.  At the moment, it activates when the app changes from one state to the next, but I will be setting it up to activate also when it checks for new mail, pushes new updates and such. I think that the development panel will eventually be moved and tied into the notification bar so that it fits more into the layout instead of just a floating box.

Something odd is also happening with a few of the modules.  Even though they appear correct when viewed in Flex, modules sometimes have issues when seen through a browser.  The Mech Lab for instance, loses all text.  The structure of elements is correct but the menus and buttons are all empty.  Even more strange, the issue sometimes moves around.  Every now and then, I’ll compile the files to find that the problem has jumped to the World Builder instead of Mech Lab.  I’ve read that if you have a component in a module that doesn’t exist in the main application file, that module will own the component until it’s unloaded and I’m thinking that might have something to do with it.





April 4, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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