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PHP script to parse XML from mysql.

I got an XML parser up and running today, helping me take some list-based items out of AS3 and a lot of things out of PHP and txt files.  So far, I’ve eliminated about a dozen files, moving the content into the database in a more organized fashion.  It also makes it a lot less likely for formatting errors to occur, wasting time hunting down bugs.  I’ve started putting in some of the structure information for Technical Readouts and hope to have the first one, 2750, up within a couple weeks.  Instead of a book that is turned page by page, it uses a tree menu to separate the books into chapters and chapters into the individual units.  With everything pulled from a database, it should be in a pretty uniform format.  Along with the text from the books, charts will be listed for damage analysis and estimated performance based on piloting and gunnery skills, the optimal range for a given unit, the Battle Value and an estimated cost in C-Bills, if the player should choose to outfit it.  The pages will also eventually be “hot-linked” straight to The Mech Bay so that players can perform immediate modifications for their tastes.  Lastly, an option will be available to export a PDF record sheet which can then be printed.  Of course, some of those features are much further down the road, but display of historical data should be up shortly.


April 14, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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