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Update to Event Calendar

I posted an update last night that fixed a few bugs in the event calendar, although it’s not truly operational by any means.  For anyone who has ever used Mozilla Sunbird, you’ll see some similarities.  It gave me some ideas, such as “Why have one calendar when you can have several?”  Instead of using one massive calendar with everything piled into it, each user should have their own, plus one for any group they belong to, plus a public calendar.  It should keep things more organized.  Another big part of the update was to organize the file structure a little more, getting images put where the belong, and changing the code to reflect these new locations.  As a result, I have a few missing images in the site that I didn’t catch.  I’ll go back and fix those links tonight.

The calendar page does have a very strange issue.  When the calendar loads, it determines the number for the current month (April = 4), and retrieves a list of holidays for the given month.  Using the previous and next buttons either subtracts or adds one to the current month and retrieves the holidays.  But for some reason, if the number for the month is odd, it works,  and if even, it retrieves the first holiday and stops, even though it works when it first loads.  I’m going to work on fixing that this morning, then on getting the calendar system to communicate with the email system.  I’ll come back later to make the small calendar pane, custom calendars and views to work.




April 23, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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