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The joys of Copyrights

Most of what I’ve done up to this point has been fairly general, getting the structure in place for things to come.  Even though I’ve used the word “Battletech”, and I’ve made references to the game, until the last couple weeks, I haven’t had much on the site that was very Battletech-specific.  Since I’m getting further into the real game content, needing to draw more on the back story of territories, and pull information straight out of the books, it’s time I looked at rights and permissions for usage of such materials.  I know that FASA has been dodo-ized since 2001 and when hunting around, one can find that the rights to Battletech has changed hands several times over the years.  Currently, the franchise is owned by Catalyst Game Labs, who is actively producing new material as well as re-releasing updated versions of the old stuff.  I also found an interesting forum thread by an author of one of the back stories for the Eridani Light Horse, who is in a legal battle, mostly revolving around WizKids, where he is seeking rights to the entire Battletech Universe.  I have contacted Catalyst Game Labs to ask them questions about permission to use materials, loosely announced my intent for the website and asking how much detail I can get into.  I doubt I’ll hear anything back until the current court case is settled, but I hope to hear something positive.

While I hope to have Battletech Live working in a public-facing website, if all else fails, I can pull the site and convert everything to Adobe Air, using a web server for the sole purpose of storing SQL data.  In any case, I’m chugging along, developing what I can every day and someday, will have a working Battletech game, complete with a MechWarrior RPG and 3D interface for battles.



May 11, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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