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MechWarrior, Life Path

On Monday, I began organizing information for the Life Path, character creation process.  Quite a bit of time was spent reworking the affiliations, getting them built into mysql instead of in the swf files.  So now, the RadioButtons that list each of the territories are generated at runtime.  This way, any number of new territories can be added to the database and the application will automatically compensate.

The next part involves building a catalog of each territory and each Life Path option at each of the four stages, determining prerequisites, bonuses, avalilable subsequent paths, required paths, penalties and effect rolls so that the system can make the selections dynamically per user input.  Long process.  At minimum, I hope to have the first two stages done this week, but I have a feeling that after the database input takes place, all four will work themselves out at the same time.


May 20, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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  1. Hi i have created a new blog about Mechwarrior Living Legends the total conversion for Crysis.

    The language for this blog is Spanish. If you link me i will apreciate that, and the community will growth faster. I´ll hang a link to your blog right now.

    Tanks in advance,

    Comment by HellHound | May 21, 2009

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