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Temporary Downtime

Picture-1I will be in Oklahoma for about a week and during that time, won’t have much opportunity to work on anything new, so I’m taking this time to clean up a couple items.  I worked out a method that allows the webpage to detect installed AIR applications and if found, launch them.  So, the tools panel that sits over top of Battletech Live is being adapted to Adobe AIR.  Doing so causes some communication problems as most existing modules communicate back and forth using LocalConnection.  With it being in a separate application, it’s moved to a different security domain and they don’t play nice.  So, I’m adjusting the scripting to detect who the parent is and behave accordingly.  An example of what I have so far appears below.  The nice thing about it is that many of the user preferences, and authentication credentials can be stored within the AIR application.  So, the website detects the app, launches it, authenticates for you and imports user preferences.  Additionally, I’m working on some formulas to increase member ranks from 5 levels up to 20.

July 22, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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