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User avatars for friends lists

The most recent task in the site development has been to create a means by which a user can add others to their friends list.  These users will appear in the friends portion of the messenger panel and as an icon attached to inbound and outbound email.  Users should be able to perform the following actions:

  • Create user groups
  • Remove user groups
  • Add friends
  • remove friends
  • set custom icons

Since each user has their own friends list, the information is stored in a field of the users table on the database and this is one of the elements that gets retrieved when a user signs in.  Using Actionscript, the field data is parsed and stored in two places.  Once as an XML list to display in a tree control and second, in an array collection.  This array collection keeps lines corresponding to the number of rows of the tree controller and keeps track of whether it’s a user or a group.  If grabs the group name and in case of users, the id, username and gender.

When a row of the tree controller is clicked, logic dictates which buttons should be available and when the change icon button is changed, a series of avatars are made available based on the gender of the selected user.

When the Add to Friends button is clicked, it will be set up so that the chosen user is automatically added to the friends list as uncategorized.  The user can then drag-and-drop the user into the desired group, or leave them as-is and click Done.

Picture 1


August 5, 2009 - Posted by | Project Development

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