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Singleplayer Gameplay Demo

Production of the gameplay demo is underway.  The concept is that the user is given an introduction page where they select a unit type, where it will display a basic record sheet, detailing the armor rating, available weapons and an illustration of the unit.  When the player begins, they’ll be directed to either select a hex along the starting edge of the map, or perform a combat drop which will use the entire map to select a random hex and hex facing for the starting point.  From there, the player will go through the movement phase.  The reaction phase will take place, where both the player and a fixed opponent have the opportunity to turn to torso-twist a single hex side to face the opponent.  (The single enemy on the field will be a randomly-selected unit, but will remain stationary except for torso-twisting.)  As the game proceeds, both units can fire and be fired upon, taking damage as normal.  Since the target is computer controlled and doesn’t move, Initiative doesn’t really matter, but the rolls will take place as a proof of concept.  Rounds will continue until the player destroys the target or the player is destroyed by the target.  I’ll be working on landscape features tomorrow, textures for trees and rocks so that the map can be made to look as much like the paper sheet as possible.

Picture 5


September 6, 2009 - Posted by | Model Rendering Tests, Project Development

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