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Early production work on the Battletech Live map editor

I began working on a map editor last night, digging through my stored files for images to use as map tiles.  Many land textures are easy to come by with a simple google search.  Others, such as streets and buildings, I’m going to have to put a little more work into.  Most likely, I’ll make a rendering of the individual buildings available in the game, so the list will grow over time.  Clicking on a menu tile, makes that tile active, available for placement on the map.  I’ll be working on a listener for shift-click, allowing all tiles in the row from point A to point B to be placed simultaneously.  The trick is that there are three axis in a hex map, not just two.  Some of the other features I’m working on is a fill-all button that will fill all hexes with the active tile and a fill-empty button which will fill all blank hexes with the active tile.  Logic will be in place to prevent users from placing houses on top of lava fields or in water.  When elevation is built, it will tile the wall texture according to the hill texture used.  Another is a random-facing toggle so that if the map is filled with all of the same tile, they aren’t all facing the same direction. I’ll be adding a toggle button that will show the user any unreachable tiles based on a walking BattleMech, jump jets and various vehicle types.

Presently, when a hex grid is laid down, the existing one is removed.  I’ll be setting it up so that if the user increases the map area, it just adds new hexes along the selected edge and if they shrink the map, it warns the user before doing so.  Lastly, I’ll be working on an image preview so that the user can see the map rendered using the Alternativa3D engine.  Fun stuff, lots of work.

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