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Update to the Battletech Live map generator.

To add an update for what’s going on in the map editor, arrangement has changed slightly.  I was having space problems when the panels expanded vertically, so I changed their direction. The first expansion is vertical and the second is a horizontal span.  I’ll need to do calculations to detect the screen size of the user’s monitor and add rows.  The buttons that were along the top have been moved to an info panel to the left.  Right now, things are just tossed into it with no real organization.  I show five categories at the top and I’ll be adding at least one more, for ground cover such as leaves, dirt and frost.  Tonight, other than installing a new processor in my home computer, I’ll be adding one interesting feature.  When you select a tile, the active tile image in the side menu changes to reflect what you have selected.  The second and third buttons going across the top, show trees and roads.  The backgrounds of those tiles will change to show the active tile so that you can get an idea of what the tile will look like before it’s applied.

Shown below, the fifth category is open.  This holds items for raising and lowering the elevation of individual hexes, rotating the hex clockwise and counter-clockwise, viewing an exploded version of the selected hex so that individual layers can be manipulated and one of a pair of buttons that will allow for an existing hex to be cloned or replicated from one place to another.  I can’t think of much else that a user would want or need to do to an individual hex.  All of the images shown are extremely small 46px x 40px thumbnails, while the originals are 429px x 372px.  I’ll be adding a feature to allow users to preview the hex at full resolution so they can decide if the selected combination of textures is really what they want to use.

Picture 15


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