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Planning out the build.

At some point, I want to either rebuild the 4.0L engine in my Jeep or put a rebuilt engine in the Jeep, but it can’t be my daily driver while I do it.  I still need a way to get back and forth to work.  I’m planning to buy a used engine to rebuild and use in a custom-built car chassis.  I’ve not settled on a finished body design yet, as I need to get a drivetrain mocked up first.  March 19th, I’m going over to Colorado to pick up a 360ci engine out of a 1984 Dodge 150 series pickup.  Initially, I thought I would build it out to a 408, which could produce 550-600hp, but that’s really more than I need, so I’m scaling back a bit to 368ci.  It should produce 475-525hp.

  • Mopar Small Block 360ci (5.9L)
  • 4.000″ – 4.030″ bore
  • 3.58″ stroke
  • 2.810″ main journals
  • 6.123″ connecting rods
  • Mechanical roller lifters
  • Single plane intake manifold
  • 850cfm Holley carburetor

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