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It helps to pay attention

I drove down to Denver last Saturday to look for a Chrysler 360LA engine, 1975 or earlier.  While I was there, I figured I’d look for a Jeep Cherokee to pull u-joint front axles from as the Cherokee and Grand Cherokee both have the Dana 30 front axle.  What I didn’t count on is that depending on age, Jeep used one of two u-joint sizes, a 1 1/16″ cap on early models and a 1 3/16″ cap on later models.  Turns out, I pulled axles with the smaller u-joint. Not the best choice if I want to be able to depend on the vehicle, especially off road.

I’m told that if something is going to break, a shaft with a smaller u-joint is going to break the u-joint before the ears of the joint, while a shaft with a larger u-joint is going to break an ear off the joint.  So it’s a question of which is cheaper to fix.  A u-joint should be cheaper than replacing an inner or outer shaft, so I’m building the axles up as spares.  I can get the correct u-joint axles from Brush, Colorado for $65 each.


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