Battletech Live

Online, Turn-Based Battletech – Development Logs

3. Graphics Engine

The driving force behind the gameplay is Alternativa3D, perfectly suited for the needs of the turn-based Battletech game style.  Because it’s turn-based, Battletech Live is not fully animated, although movement of a Mech from one hex to another can be animated, the nature of being turn-based puts limits on how much animation can be put in place.  However, all game data from battles are stored in the server and can be made available for players to play back in realtime.


Alternativa3D renders objects in three-dimensional space and includes support for collision and gravity.  Lighting is not yet supported, but by the time this game is ready for the public, it probably will be.  The game uses the MechCommander series for reference, but while the geometry coordinates are similar, all objects and textures have been recreated from the ground up to support higher levels of detail.

Wars take their toll on more than just combattants on empty countrysides.  Battletech takes place on inhabited worlds, in populated cities and makes casualties of people who care nothing for the politics and motivations of the soldiers fighting the battles.  When threatened, people will defend their homes using whatever means necessary.  Communities will prefer to remain neutral, but under certain conditions, can be pursuaded to assist one side or the other.  Damage inflicted on homes and property of populated worlds, over time, will rebuild.  When a world is visited after the course of a battle, structural damage may still be in place or the damage may be in the process of being repaired.  It’s also possible, that any BattleMech or vehicle components not taken from the battlefield during salvage operations, may be claimed by the people and used for whatever purpose they see fit.


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