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Online, Turn-Based Battletech – Development Logs

5. Mercenaries

While some people may not play well with others, it is sometimes easier to operate as part of a group, rather than standing alone.  Characters may organize Mercenary units, contributing resources and intelligence.  A created unit has a base of operations at a selected point in the Inner Sphere, must maintain a minimum number of characters and benefit from a greater number of contacts than a single character is capable of.

Public mercenary contracts and equipment auctions are maintained through an organization known as Comstar.  Less legitimate contracts and gear are available through other sources, but to only those who establish the right connections.  Establishing a positive reputation with certain worlds can open up new opportunities for employment, but abuse those worlds and you may find yourself restricted to official channels for all of your supplies.  If your reputation is bad enough, you may find that you have become someone else’s contract objective.


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