Battletech Live

Online, Turn-Based Battletech – Development Logs


signon1Battletech – A game of armored Combat.  Battletech Live is a community-driven, career-based game which combines aspects of many of the boxed sets, originally by FASA, through various iterations and now Catalyst Studios.  The vision is a turn-based RPG dealing with BattleTech, MechWarrior and others, with primary gameplay in the spirit of a table-top game and the graphics of MechCommander 2 or better.

Our approach will allow users to play while geographically distant, and to speed up gameplay by automatically handling Initiative, range and movement modifiers and all rolls that a player would normally make, cutting hours and sometimes days out of large-scale battles.  At the same time, Double Blind rules, skill improvement, ranks, preferred weapons and MechWarrior stats can automatically be calculated.

Check back often.  This project is in live production and will receive frequent if not daily updates.


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