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Tile labels in the Battletech Live map editor.

An untextured version of the map editor is posted and more of the records necessary to make it all work is coming together.  The editor will be viewable either as flat-shaded or textured, with and without hex labels.  At present, each hex is numbered 0000, but each will carry a unique number based on row and column.  I’ll working on numbering, hex types and elevations tonight.

Picture 5


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Lightwave design adapted to Battletech Live

Using Lightwave, I’m building a bevel into the hex face.  In the end, hopefully, each hex will be made up of seven polygons, the ones on the outer edge may be pitched up or down, depending on surrounding terrain.  Alternativa is acting kind of funky.  When one hex is drawn, everything is fine, but if there are other hexes near it, the polygons split unexpectedly.  I’m working on that now, trying to figure it out.

Picture 2

As of yet, there is no lighting in Alternativa3D, but I was able to sample the screenshot generated from Lightwave using Photoshop to simulate a slight shadow.


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